wtorek, 23 czerwca 2015


We've got only few days to holidays. On Saturday I will go to Hungary and Croatia, but now I have advice for your summer break.

A lot of people in hotels and restaurant abroad talk in English with our customers, but traditional "welcome" is euphonious. I suggest to buy dictionary for tourists. You can use a little bit different language. 

Safe repose in sunshine is really important, because sunstroke is dangerous for organism. You must use sunblock with high filter. You should drink juices from carrots and oranges. They cause long- suffering suntan. 

If you want to visit big towns I recommended public transport. You can avoid traffic jam. Read about places, where you will be. Read about traditional food, souvenirs and interesting places. 

During summer time people need more water. You should drink 2,5 liters of water every day to have healthy holidays. 

Ok, that’s all. Now, I have to pack because on Saturday morning I will go on a journey. I will write new post in Croatia. :)

poniedziałek, 1 czerwca 2015



Yesterday i came back from Italy. I have a lot of photos for you. I will present you our plans for other days and I will show you my photos.


We started our trip at 7am. We went to the Italy, but by the way we had 1day in Vienna. We saw The Schonbrunn palace, church of st. Stephen, building of Vienna Ophera , University, Parliament. We had in our plans Science Museum, but We didn't have enough time. At the end we had a lot of fun in Prater town. After first day I was tired and I didn't have problems to sleep in bus all night. 



It was first day in italy. Asisi it was first town, which we visited. We had a long walk and we saw a few churches (st.Francesco, st.Chiara, house of st.Francesco-now its a church. )After walk we had free time. I ate awesome ice-cream. After this trip i think that italy ice cream have the best taste in the world. After hard day we went to hotel near Rome 


We were travel by metro and we were walking belong Rome. It was day to see Vatican and Rome. First we went by metro to Ottaviana station. Its near Vatican. We visited to st.Peter's square and cathedral. After Vatican we had walk in Rome. Next We went to desame hotel.  



It was big day for us. We started our day before 6am and we went one more time to Vaican. Why ? Because wednesday mornig its time to pope Francesco audience. We saw him ! Next we went to cementary on Monte Cassino and to the museum of Cassino battle. After museum we went to the Building of st. Benedict order. We finished our day in hotel near Napoli. 


At the morning we will go to the pompei and we saw that amazing city. Before eruption it was a beautiful city. Next we went to crater of Vesuvius. There was breathtaking view. We spent evening in our hotel near Napoli. 



It was day to tour from Napoli to Venice. There were 600km. At morning we were in Napoli and we eat there traditional pizza. It was delicious. Next we were in our bus 8 hours. We slept in hotel in Venice. 



We spent a few hours in marvellous Venice. For me its most beautiful place in Italy. Its amazing ! People in Venice dont have a cars. They have...boats ! Venice is really nice city. 



After visit in Venice we had to come back. It was wonderful week. !

 My friend, who was in Italy (she is on the photo with me) with me write a blog about books- 
click here if you want reading her blog ;)